The space where business meets society is growing in importance and is becoming a key source of competitive advantage for organizations of all types. Our mission is to help businesses and organizations thrive in this new realityefficiently creating value for shareholders and society. That is the focus of our services and programs.

We are uniquely qualified to provide a customized blend of advisory services and training, helping to transform organizations and teams. We use an advisory services approach to work with teams, groups and entire organizations to help with strategic and operational issues and integrate that with customized training to help turn challenges into opportunities. Some examples include.

Bespoke programs and seminars We can work with you to design and implement bespoke, in-house training programs, seminars and learning events tailored to your needs. These can be delivered at project sites, at corporate retreats and events or other locations as desired.

CSR SWOT Fresh-eyes Reviews We have consistently found that an experienced set of ‘fresh-eyes’ can build on existing work and knowledge and bring new perspectives to the complex and interwoven sets of risks, opportunities and issues that modern business operates in. This is true whether you are dealing with the evolving social and regulatory environment of an extractive sector project or the intricate combination of supply-chain issues, brand management and consumer desires that drive success in fast moving consumer goods.

Finding the value CSR and sustainability spending is often more focused on societal value than shareholder value. This leaves money on the table. We help companies to create and capture more shareholder value from existing CSR and sustainability programs.

Strategic CSR Planning and Implementation we work with Boards and Executives to review or even develop a strategic CSR plan for their organization. Then, with an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges, we develop and deliver training programs that facilitate efficient and sustainable implementation of the plan. Depending on the needs of the organization the overall program can include field mentoring components and multiple training sessions.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, structure and process are key to stakeholder engagement. We can work with organizations to review their strategy, structure and process, helping to identify enhancement opportunities. We can then build a customized training program that allows field teams and internal stakeholders to improve performance in this critical area.

Programs normally involve an initial review and assessment period followed by a classroom training session and a field mentoring period and culminating in a final classroom session. Ongoing mentoring and support can be arranged.

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